What Can We Do If We Lose Our Wallet in Singapore?

Losing your belongings can be really frustrating, especially if you lost your wallet with all your identity cards in it, which I did last week.

As a clumsy guy since child, this definitely is not the first time I lost anything in my life. For countless time, I have lost many stuffs back in Malaysia: handphones, wallets, etc and none has ever been found. Each time I lose a thing, all I can do is really just pray, pray and pray. Those experiences are probably traumatising for the most of us, especially back then when I had to face to wrath of my mother, and now the wrath of my girlfriend for losing the wallet she gifted to me.

But the experience was totally different in Singapore: there are a lot more things you can do here in hope of retrieving back your lost belongings. In this article, I will be sharing all the steps we can take when we lose our wallet or any belonging in Singapore.

Step 1 : Check if you really lose it

Check your left pocket, your right pocket, your bag, your hat, your socks. Slow down and recall where you have been because very high chance you may only misplace it elsewhere.

If you have been to any restaurant or shop, go back or give them a call to ask if they have any lost and found, their contact number usually can be found on Google.

If you suspect that you may leave it behind on a public transport, these hotlines will help:

MRTs and Buses:

SBS Transit Lost and Found : 6383 7211 ( throughout bus/train operating hours)

SMRT Lost and Found : 1800 336 8900 (7:30am to 8pm daily)

Tower Transit Lost and Found : 1800 248 0950 (7:30am to 1am daily)

Go-Ahead Singapore Lost and Found : 6812 6458


CityCab Pte Ltd6552 1111
Yellow Top Taxi6293 5545
Trans-Cab Services Pte Ltd6555 3333
SMRT Taxis Pte Ltd6555 8888
Prime Car Rental & Taxi Services Pte Ltd6898 2000
Smart Automobile Pte Ltd6485 7777
Comfort Transportation Pte Ltd6552 1111
Premier Taxis Pte Ltd6363 6888
Source: https://www.taxisingapore.com/lost-and-found/

Ride Hailing Apps

Grab (Follow the steps in this link to call back your driver through the Apps)

Gojek : 31353136

Step 2 : Cancel all your bank cards

If you have indeed lost it, immediately contact your banks and cancel all the bank cards., even if you still think that there is a chance your wallet can be recovered. Below are the hotlines available 24 hours.

ABN AMRO6597 8866
American Express (AmEx)1800 732 2244
Bank of China6331 7128
CitiBank1800 225 5225
DBS / POSB1800 339 6963
Diners Club6416 0900
HSBC6472 2669
MasterCard International800 110 0113
Maybank1800 535 4084
OCBC1800 363 3333
Standard Chartered1800 747 7000
The Islamic Bank of Asia6878 5522
UOB1800 222 2121
VISA6437 5800
Source: https://dollarsandsense.sg/lose-wallet-purse-singapore/

Step 3 : Make a Police Report

A police report is necessary particularly if you lose your NRIC or Work Pass, but do take note that there will be two types of reports here:

You can lodge both reports online (Singpass required) or visit the nearest police posts.

Once you have made a report, a hardcopy will be given to you, which can serve as proof that you have lost your identity documents, in case you need it.

You can then make calls to Police Found and Unclaimed Property Office (FUPO) hotline number 68429645 to check if your property is found and handed over to the police.

In any case that you recovered your lost property, or there was any unauthorized transaction made while you lost your bank cards, immediately call the police center number shown on the hardcopy to inform the police for further action.

Step 4 : Give it some time

Regularly make calls to the relevant parties to check if your property is found (for this to happen, the lost property must be found by someone and turned in to the authority). Give it some days, but only certain number of days because if you have lost your identity documents alongside, you must report it within a certain period:

Types of Identity DocumentsMust Report WithinReport To
National Registration Identity Card (NRIC)14 DaysICA
Work Permit7 DaysMOM via your Employer or Agent
Singapore PassportImmediatelyICA
Foreign PassportImmediatelyPolice Station

Step 5 : Get replacements, learn the lesson and move on

While all above steps will help increase the chances of recovering your lost property, it is not a 100% guarantee. Hence if there is no news after a few days, it is time to move on, but make sure you learn the lesson, and be more cautious next time.

Here’s a glimpse of how painful (or costly) this lesson can be:

Types of Identity DocumentsLocationDamageProcessing Time
Singapore Identity CardICAS$100 for first loss, S$300 for second and subsequent losses.One month
Work PermitMOM via your Employer or AgentS$100 for first loss, S$300 for second and subsequent losses.Within 4 working days
Singapore PassportICAS$50 for first loss, S$100 for second and subsequent losses in addition to the prevailing passport fee of S$70 or S$80One month
Foreign PassportEmbassy, high commission or consular office 

Bonus Step :

I found an active Facebook group Singapore Lost And Found where people are posting about what they lost and what they found where you can actually give it a try. Some people really recovered through this group!

In A Nutshell

Again, all of the steps above only increase the chances, but unfortunately do not guarantee that you will recover back your lost property.

But don’t beat yourself over it, learn the lesson, move on and be more careful next time.

Whenever you leave somewhere, make it a habit to always turn back and have a look.

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