My 2020 Investment Holdings Reveal

Alright, as you all wish, here’s my 2020 Investment Holdings!

All Dividend Yield and Capital Gain/Loss are calculated after fees and bonus excluded.
Overview of my investment journey

Two trades were completed in 2020, first was getting rid of Air Asia which was badly affected by the Covid. Second is a just trade for fun with a small position that I was playing around and got lucky.

The Equity

If you read my last year article, you know that I wrote that I bought stocks without proper research anddddd I did it again 😂

Well, that’s because I don’t have time to go study the market, do the research, read the reports and….okay, we all know that those are all bullshits and excuses.

The truth is, I am just lazy, and I did not have a good framework at picking stocks, I did not allocate time to study the stocks and I took shortcuts like looking at those forums and signals 😅

And hence, the results!


REITs are still one of my favourite asset classes! This year due to COVID, most REITs are badly affected but this also present opportunities to buy in some quality REITs.

I have REITs in my home country Malaysia and in 2020, I began my venture into Singapore REITs too where I’m currently residing.

Do you know that S-REITs is the second largest in Asia by market cap after Japan? At the time of this writing, Malaysia has a total of 18 REITs, while Singapore has 42 REITs with global exposure!

Early in the year, I was thinking to buy individual S-REITs, or to buy ETFs that track S-REITs (there are three of such ETFs listed on SGX, namely Lion-Phillip S-REIT ETF, Phillip SGX APAC Dividend Leaders REIT ETF, NikkoAM-StraitsTrading Asia Ex Japan REIT ETF), then Syfe showed up with their Syfe REIT+ portfolio and I began venturing into S-REITs through them.


Last year I mentioned that passive investment did better, this year it’s the same case again (but hey, I’m bad at picking stocks). All my RoboAdvisor portfolios performed fairly, particularly my Stash Away 36% risk index portfolio struck a 22% RETURN! (but hey, this year the stock markets are crazily perhaps illogically good, so this isn’t strange)

If you are going to ask “are RoboAdvisors really good?”, in my opinion that is a wrong question we are asking. If you are deciding to join the bandwagon or not, I would suggest you to Google for the following questions instead:

  • What is passive investing?
  • What is index investing?
  • What is index fund and exchange-traded fund?
  • What is passive investing bubble?

In simpler words, RoboAdvisors are just vehicles for me to purchase overseas index fund. Which RoboAdvisor is better? I really don’t care, as long as they are convenient and low cost for me to DCA with my small monthly cash flow. And I am ready to move on shall a better alternative emerges.

The two keys to index investing are consistency and time. And historically, index fund gives an annual return of 6-10%, but only in certain markets like US market, countries like Singapore or Malaysia are not suitable for this (and I stopped DCA into these local ETFs too).

So, of course there are other asset classes or investors that can perform better than this strategy. But as a general rule of thumb in this financial world, there is never nothing for something. My friend who did achieve 20% plus in his return spent lots of time and effort in researching stocks and his efforts definitely paid off!

Whichever investment strategy you choose, please don’t expect that it to be perfect and easy, and please don’t trust anyone who promise you in that way either. Reading a book, watching a YouTube video or buying a course will not make us the next Warren Buffett overnight. Just like anything else in life, it takes time and efforts.

Let’s fight on for 2021!

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